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WIN-TACT - 25 years design & manufacture experience of open-frame power supplies.


Open frame power supply products

WIN-TACT open frame power supply products provide a variety of output voltages and a variety of configuration options and comply with the main international safety standards of IEC60950-1/62368-1.
To provide more industries and more customers with top-notch open power products, WIN-TACT Electronics has launched industrial-grade industrial power supplies to meet various industrial applications. Insist on maintaining the consistent high quality, high stability, and high-performance characteristics of WIN-TACT electronic power products. Keeping close to the pulsation of the application market, we constantly innovate and become a member of the driving force of global industrial equipment.

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DC/DC Power Supply - DC/DC Isolated Power Supply.

DC/DC Power Supply

WIN-TACT Electronics has a complete DC/DC open frame power supply products which are suitable for applications...

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AC/DC Power Supply - AC/DC Power Supply

AC/DC Power Supply

The AC/DC open frame power supply designed by WIN-TACT Electronics is provided in an open frame format...

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Dual Energy I/P Power Supply - Dual Energy I/P Power Supply

Dual Energy I/P Power Supply

The dual-energy open frame power supply newly developed by WIN-TACT Electronics can use 60Vac quasi power...

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High-Efficiency, Energy-Dense AC-DC & DC-DC Open-Frame Power Supplies - WIN-TACT

Located in Taiwan since 1996, Win-Tact Electronics Corp. has been a power supply supplier in the electronic components industry. Their main products, include 5G Power Supply, Open Frame Power Supply, Enclosure Power Supply, AC/DC Open Frame Power Supply and DC/DC Open Frame Power Supply. Clients such as the largest IPC company in Taiwan, the leading green power design with PFC AT 500W for US workstations company and 300W with PFC power supply for the largest casino gaming company in Reno, USA.

WIN-TACT's power supply design complies with global safety standards, and all AC-DC and DC-DC power supply products comply with UL safety regulations and various international EMI standards. R&D engineers must have more than 20 years of power design experience before they can join the team.

WIN-TACT has been offering customers high-quality power supplies since 1996, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, WIN-TACT ensures each customer's demands are met.