The 5G compact design 900W open frame power supply.
The 5G compact design 900W open frame power supply.

Enabling Your 5g Soluctions of Tomorrow

05 Jun, 2021 WIN-TACT

WIN-TACT, one of the world's leading manufacturers of power supplies, is pleased to announce a 5G power supply for the Computex 2021 show in Taipei, Taiwan. With a special focus on 5G network solution products, WIN-TACT will be showing 5G power supply and other power-related products designed specifically for ITE markets.

【 The Power Supply Of 5G 】

5G technology will provide critical support for deployment in a variety of applications in the next few years, while 4G initially focused on mobile broadband services and later developed to support low-speed IoT and high-speed gigabit services. Initially, 5G was deployed in low-band cellular spectrum and fixed wireless applications and industrial settings to increase high-capacity and low-latency services.

With the rapid development of AIoT applications, the demand for 5G continues to grow. Due to the relatively short distance, 5G requires many small cells to provide customers with data and voice services, because the high radio frequency of 5G is more expensive than the old wireless technology. Lower frequencies are easier to absorb.

【 Technical Breakthrough 】

The 5G new technology power supply uses a high-power interleaved boost power factor corrector (Interleaved High-Power Boost Power Factor Corrector) and phase shifted full bridge series resonance (phase-shifted full-bridge series resonant converter PS-FB SRC) technology to meet the basic requirements of high power and high efficiency. In addition, digital control technology is introduced, the customized firmware program writing plan replaces the traditional complex control circuit, which makes the system simpler and more stable, and can meet the needs of high-density miniaturization.

The power supply unit (PSU) that is installed outdoors requires a long service life, does not require frequent maintenance, and must work reliably under extreme temperatures. WIN-TACT has developed 5G industrial power supply to meet the needs of high-speed network switches and DC-DC and AC-DC high-wattage systems.

WIN-TACT has suitable product portfolio of industrial power supplies that can meet the wide range of needs for 5G deployment and 4G-intensive Netcom equipment.

We invite all customers to participate in our Computex exhibition, the new 5G open frame power supply will be released.

High-Efficiency, Energy-Dense AC-DC & DC-DC Open-Frame Power Supplies - WIN-TACT

Located in Taiwan since 1996, Win-Tact Electronics Corp. has been a power supply supplier in the electronic components industry. Their main products, include 5G Power Supply, Open Frame Power Supply, Enclosure Power Supply, AC/DC Open Frame Power Supply and DC/DC Open Frame Power Supply. Clients such as the largest IPC company in Taiwan, the leading green power design with PFC AT 500W for US workstations company and 300W with PFC power supply for the largest casino gaming company in Reno, USA.

WIN-TACT's power supply design complies with global safety standards, and all AC-DC and DC-DC power supply products comply with UL safety regulations and various international EMI standards. R&D engineers must have more than 20 years of power design experience before they can join the team.

WIN-TACT has been offering customers high-quality power supplies since 1996, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, WIN-TACT ensures each customer's demands are met.